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“Mermaid Cave”…..???

Mermaid cave honolulu hawaii

I never knew this existed! Never even heard of this before….! But, this is something I would love to explore….like being on another island….another world for that matter!

Mermaid Cave Oahu honolulu

(Below was cited from  http://www.honolulumagazine.com/Honolulu-Magazine/August-2016/Hidden-Honolulu/)

This is the nice thing about Hawaii…it offers so much natural wonders to explore. The lava keeps spewing….the shoreline keeps moving….nature and it’s evolutionary artistry to create and re-create!


Not to mention some of the man made impact, from sugar fields surrendering to the spoils of urban shelter. Even what used to be ahu’puaa community with fishponds and taro patches in Kaka’ako is transforming to a new kind of “village”. (no pun intended).


But, this being said, the progress is here and I am glad such organization to the likes of DLNR and non profits as the “Friends of Kewalos”, etc., they offer balances.


To make the later half of this blog relevant to the start of the blog…..with the crazy man made developments, it is nice to know there are places to discover in Hawaii that is nature at it’s purist form and unadulterated. Even without encountering a mermaid, seeing the “Mermaid Cave” should be exhilarating!