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Our favorite beaches!

Ricks Picks-4 interesting beaches (favorites) that most tourist do not know about…

Waimanalo “Sherwood Forest” Beach-youtube video with a general feel for the shoreline:

Hint to get to my favorite spot at Waimanalo Beach is turning on the road next to McDonalds restaurant off the main highway. It is an unassuming road that leads to a beach access at the bend on this road. There are brand new restroom facilities there too!

Kawailoa “Lost Beach”-North Shore area there is a hidden beach where “Lost” was filmed. This is another unassuming road you will need to turn into off the main highway (Papailoa rd). Follow road until you see a little open area to the left side to park. Across from that area is a path access to the beach. Sometimes Turtles can be seen near the reef or on thebeach.


Paiko Drive (Beach Access)-This beach is very unique that is about a 25 min drive from Waikiki heading East. Most people drive right by Paiko Drive, they don’t know that there is a beachaccess. There is a beach access between the homes that leads to a small stretch of beach. When you get to this quiet beach fronting beach front homes go to the left along the short stretch….You may be the only one there…walk out to the water and the crystal clear water and sandy bottom with shallow to your knees all the way out as far as you can possibly walk to the breakers..

Whats unique is that there are hardly anywhere on the island like this. I just lay down in the shallow and get wet and enjoy the mountain to shoreline east to west….360 views of splendor! great photo opportunities!!!


Alii Beach (Haleiwa) – There are several places where Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles bask on the beach. This is probably one of the most secret place than another. Some people are told to go and see the turtles at Alii Beach and end up not looking and going to the correct spot. Hint: when you get to the beach park there is a large concrete building rec center type with restrooms. Left side of this building there is a small stretch of sandy beach…..just stroll along the shoreline you will find a shallow somewhat flat reef that is shallow all the way to the breaking waves. Keep watching as the Turtles come up for air…sometimes you will spot up to 20 of them. And if you are lucky and no one is there they are not afraid to sleep on the beach in the daytime. As a caution, unlawful to go near or touch these protected creatures.


This is my favorite places that will make your visit even more special! Thanks for allowing me to share this to my friends…


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