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Guest Review of Royal Kuhio 2114

Royal Kuhio Waikiki

The nice Japanese family (Toshimasa, his wife and his 2-year-old-daughter) had stayed at Royal Kuhio.

They left the following review about their stay. We hope they will come back soon…!!


-部屋の設備で嬉しかった点  The good point with the facilities of the room


Because an indoor floor was not allowed in with their shoes on, it was good that the small child was able to play around freely in a room. And we were glad that there was a rice cooker as Japanese because my wife wanted to cook our own meals. The kitchen utensil was enriched. Furthermore, we were able to enjoy Hawaii by a rent-a-car thanks to free-parking included! 

Royal Kuhio Waikiki

Royal Kuhio Waikiki

-ロケーションの良かった点 The good point with the location


The location is the central area of of Waikiki! It was a good point to be easy to go for shopping on foot. It was convenience that a supermarket was near for cooking in the unit. I could look down at a town of Waikiki from the Lnai, a night view was very clean. And there were a lot of houses located mountains beyond a canal, and those light was also impressive.

-次に来るゲストへのアドバイス Advice to a guest coming next


I’d like to recommend for the person who is looking for the place where it is easy to access the centeral of Waikiki and who plans an active sightseeing tour.


-ハワイ旅行の感想 Impression of the trip to Hawaii


Blue sky opened during our trip all the time, so we could fully enjoy both the sea and the mountain of Hawaiian nature, and also we were able to enjoy the shopping! ! We really want to come again.

Royal Kuhio Waikiki