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for our Waikiki vacation rental guests who are “Power Walkers” or casual “Joggers”……

waikiki Hawaii beach

“Magic Island” at Ala Moana Beach Park (across the Ala Moana Shopping Center) is a great way to extend your distances. From most Waikiki hotels it’s about 30minutes (1-2 miles away) jog heading west to get to this place. Then you can do your stretches to a magnificent view of Waikiki skyline, Diamond Head Crater and of course the ocean. If you have your swim suit underneath you may want to refresh with a nice dip at the sandy areas of the beach park…. invigorating!

waikiki Hawaii beach

The Ala Moana Beach Park circumference is about 4 miles around and with paved pathways. “Magic Island” not really an island but its somewhat private on the eastern side of the beach park. So, if you are facing the ocean its on the left end (closest to the hotels side of the beach park).


There are drinking fountains, restrooms, showers and casual eateries too!

waikiki Hawaii beach

And if you just want to drive and stop by….there are lots of parking during the weekdays. On Weekends you will find why it is known as the “busiest park in Hawaii”! Especially during the late afternoon, everyone want to see the “Magical” sunset….hence “Magic Island”. Definitely a “must do”.